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Ritz Seafood arose out of our efforts to blend the cuisines of Asia, America and Europe. Blending the finest seafood with compatible ingredients and techniques that were formerly isolated within Asian or European kitchens. Truly East - West Cuisine, bringing your senses to a level never imagined possible. Please join us as we cater to your eating desires through unique combinations and flavors.
In the summer of 1998, we opened Ritz Seafood, a fine quality seafood market with over thiry different kinds of fresh fish, shellfish, lobsters, shrimp and crabs along with a wide assortment of prepared foods, and only fourtenn seats. But, as our business grew so did the needs of our many loyal customers.

In November of 1999, Gloria and Chef Dan traveled to Korea for one month to gather ideas for a new Pacific Rim concept for Ritz Seafood as a more formal restaurant. Studying cuisine of Korea, Dan took it all in - the sights, smells and tastes of everything they made. Asian sauces, Miso and chilies, smoked and grilled meats, fresh fruit, and seared fish. The magic of the Korean kitchen is it's legacy, a blessing that GLoria and Dan wanted to share here at Ritz Seafood.

We have adopted traditional foods and techniques from Japan, Korea, Thailand, vietnam, and Indonesia and combined them with flavors from Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Scandinavia. We've borrowed so many cooking methods and ingredients in this crossroads of the East & West that it's easy to lose track of the origins of each element. Sometimes when we try to explain Dan's ideas, we find ourselves saying things like, "the fish is from Malaysia, but the spice mixture is from Japan, the side dishes are Italian & Spanish and the presentation is Hawaiian." All we can say is, "Welcome to an exciting sensory adventure!"

We hope our food prepared with love and presented with enthusiasm, delight the senses and are savored with the same joy we have felt when creating this special Euro Asian cuisine for friends old and new. Thank you for sharing in our dream come true.
Gloria Cho ~ Proprietor
Daniel Hover ~ Chef de Cuisine
Ritz Seafood ~ 910 Rt. 561 ~ Voorhees, NJ 08043 ~ (856) 566-6650